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Thinking About the Hashtag

It often takes time to recognise a new medium for what it is instead of the content it carries, especially when we’re thinking about the wrong medium. In the history of media studies, there has often been years of focus on the content of a medium before anyone starts to think about its broader social influence. […]

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Meme Streets: Overcoming the Virus

Why rethinking memes might help inoculate against the viral marketing disease. A meme is rather like pornography — you don’t necessarily know what it is but you know it when you see it. And yet, it is possible to set out some general descriptions of the kinds of meme that circulate online and upon which business empires […]

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#CSAA14 by the numbers

I was at the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia (CSAA) annual conference last week, which gathered around the hashtag #CSAA14 on Twitter.

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What is participatory media?

One of the key aspects of my PhD research is the practice and theory of participatory media, which I originally took to be more self-explanatory than it apparently is. For me, the term participatory media has always encompassed and been greater than the term Web 2.0, which I find reflects old paradigms of thinking about […]

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A Framework of Questions

Some questions to consider during my PhD project. Why do local governments use social networks? Is it because the councillors think its a good idea? Because the managers do? Is there a push from the ‘citizen’ for social media use? Is it just what everyone else is doing? How do local governments use social networks? […]

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Someone is going to get Mendelaid

Have you heard that Elsevier is buying Mendeley? No? Well, that’s probably because you don’t care. In the hustle of daily start-up takeover news that has been the staple of TechCrunch and Mashable for the last few years, this one is small bikkies. But TechCrunch did report on it, which spurred others to re-report. Then […]

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Starting a PhD

Following completion of my honours year in 2012, I applied for and received admission to a PhD program at the University of Wollongong, and an Australian Postgraduate Award. I’m looking forward to beginning work on the project, but at this stage it is still in the very early developmental phase so I’m finding it hard […]

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I’m A Simpson

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Rotary VS Rotaract Twitter Showdown has just released a bunch of tools that allow users to display stats from Twitter and Facebook in infographics. I used one of the tools to compare the Twitter accounts @Rotary and @Rotaract. Rotary monstered Rotaract on almost all the measurements. While on one hand the results were unsurprising, on the other hand they […]

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I Like My Work

I’m looking for work at the moment, which is always an interesting experience. I found a flexible, interesting job for a social media coordinator. Given I started a company doing this sort of work, I figured I ought to apply for this one. It’s not until you are forced to sit down and spell out […]