Moving from Scrivener to Google Docs for Thesis Writing

Moving from Scrivener to Google Docs for Thesis Writing
Tweet I’ve largely been using the very excellent Scrivener for my PhD thesis writing over the last few years. It’s a tool that makes a lot of sense for many types of workflows, including mine up until this point. Tweet

Local e-Government vs Local e-Democracy

Tweet I’ve been thinking and writing about these two terms a bit recently as I work through my preliminary PhD research. The term e-government is largely used in an organisational context. That is, it describes the strategies used to arrange governments to respond to the possibilities and perceived challenges that digital communications tools pose. Meanwhile, ...

Starting a PhD 3

Tweet Following completion of my honours year in 2012, I applied for and received admission to a PhD program at the University of Wollongong, and an Australian Postgraduate Award. I’m looking forward to beginning work on the project, but at this stage it is still in the very early developmental phase so I’m finding it ...