“You’ve Got to Be Okay With Losing Control”

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Just Lines of Code 2

Just Lines of Code
Tweet The teacher at the front of the classroom lays down a simple plan and all you have to do is follow it. I have a tee-shirt that demonstrates it nicely, with the following pic on the front: Sometimes, the plans don’t work out how the elders expect they might. At a barbecue recently, I ...

(365 + 1) x 2 Challenge

Tweet As 2012 dawns, I’m embarking on one of those¬†365 day challenges¬†encompassing both of the things that The Fat Tulip is all about – communication and community. But, I’m are supercharging it. 2012 is a leap year, so the challenge is actually for 366 days. And I’m doing it twice, once for each of our ...

Social Networks in the Local Context

Tweet Recently, my local newspaper reported breathlessly on the development of a ‘local’ social network by a local web designer. The concept is that businesses will place QR codes on their marketing paraphernalia or in their stores and visitors would scan the codes to join that business in the network. It is an interesting idea, ...

Visually Infographic @travisaholland VS @MegAgain

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