Make your own Reload with EZ Proxy Bookmark

If you’ve ever found yourself unable to access a journal article locked behind a paywall, either off or on campus, this tip will help you easily get through any journal or database to which your institution subscribes on your behalf if they use EZ Proxy. Google Chrome javascript:void((function(){location.href=’https://ezproxy.[InstitutionalURL]/login?qurl=’+encodeURIComponent(location.href);})());

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Someone is going to get Mendelaid

Have you heard that Elsevier is buying Mendeley? No? Well, that’s probably because you don’t care. In the hustle of daily start-up takeover news that has been the staple of TechCrunch and Mashable for the last few years, this one is small bikkies. But TechCrunch did report on it, which spurred others to re-report. Then […]

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I’d Be Honoured

As I near the end of my undergraduate degree, I have started to consider whether to add honours to my qualification. I have been encouraged by a number of my lecturers to consider honours. I have good marks and I’m interested in further, research-based qualifications in the future. Nonetheless, at the moment, I wonder whether pursuing […]