It’s Not You, It’s Me(dium)

What happened, Medium? You changed. I don’t think we can go on like this. Medium, Your home stream is full of urgent whispers let out into a world that doesn’t want to hear them. A million voices crying out at once. Asking, wondering, ‘what happened?’. Experimenting with it and playing around, filling the stream with mindlessness. […]

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At the movies…

This post first appeared on the Media, Audience, Place Hub blog. (Or, more precisely, “getting to the movies”, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to drag David and Margaret into it!) This week, students in BCM240 are asked to consider their experiences of going to the movies and think about things they might not have […]

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What is participatory media?

One of the key aspects of my PhD research is the practice and theory of participatory media, which I originally took to be more self-explanatory than it apparently is. For me, the term participatory media has always encompassed and been greater than the term Web 2.0, which I find reflects old paradigms of thinking about […]

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A Framework of Questions

Some questions to consider during my PhD project. Why do local governments use social networks? Is it because the councillors think its a good idea? Because the managers do? Is there a push from the ‘citizen’ for social media use? Is it just what everyone else is doing? How do local governments use social networks? […]


The Human Internet

The promises of new technologies and new ways of using technology seem to matter little in their practical application. Where the much-vaunted Web 2.0 promised to deliver human interaction and collaboration that earlier uses of internet technology did not, we instead got Twitter bots, Facebook privacy hoaxes and cats – lots and lots of cats. […]