How we’ll react to life beyond Earth

Tweet In 2016, we moved beyond the Fermi paradox and the great filter theory. This is how the world reacted when we uncovered definitive proof of intelligent life beyond Earth. Some favourite aliens Day 1: A NASA employee, probably the PR intern, leaked the news well before the press conference and we variously frothed at the ...

The Objects of Westeros

Tweet The worlds of fantasy fiction are full of important objects, and they deserve a little more scrutiny. From the maps printed at the front of epic fantasy novels and used by characters to famous swords and the eponymous Rings of J.R.R. Tolkein’s work, the objects of fantasy worlds are as much drivers of the ...

Fit for Bodily Surveillance

Tweet The description of new media technologies as being screen-based is increasingly problematic as bodily tracking devices like fitness trackers become more common. And yet, it is hard to think of these devices as anything but media objects. While they are rather obviously reliant on mobile phones, they also mediate (ie, get in the middle) ...

Level Boss Cleared 3

Level Boss Cleared
Tweet Today, I’ve had two coinciding momentous life events. The first was the (effective) end of something that has overshadowed my life since about December 2012. The second was a relatively minor event that marks, for me, a big step toward my future. Tweet

Splitting Blood Cells

Tweet I came across an interesting example of pedantry this week while having the latest in my battery of blood tests. That distinction seems to be based on (a) who filled out the referral form and (b) why the test has been ordered. Tweet

“Thyroid Goblins” 1

Tweet A visit to the endocrinologist went well today, but the word thyroglobulin caused Meghan some troubles, thus the title of this post. Like all good goblins, my thyroglobulin levels need to be kept low. Or, rather, if they spike, it would be an indication of recurrence. To make sure the cancer stays away, they’ll ...

Scar Track 2

Scar Track
Tweet For your grisly viewing pleasure, here is my scar as it has progressed since surgery on May 1. You can judge the progress by either the healing of the scar, or the growth of my beard – your choice. If you’re wondering why I’m sharing scar pics, check out the first 20 seconds of ...

Waiting, Dehydrating and all that

Waiting, Dehydrating and all that
Tweet I haven’t written for a while, mostly because I haven’t known what to write. I’m in a kind of frustrating wait zone at the moment, half-way between an ‘all-clear’ and ‘more treatment’. But I had a phone call from my endocrinologist today, so that has sparked me to write something. Tweet

Radioiodine Ablation

Radioiodine Ablation
Tweet I’m having the first of two injections this morning of a very expensive drug, Thyrogen, ahead of my radioidine ablation this weekend. Thyrogen costs $1901.52 for two doses, but is fortunately on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS), and so only costs the patient (me!) $36.10. We were given a prescription for the Thyrogen on ...

Up and Down Again

Tweet It seems the good spirits of my last blog post were a little premature. A shortish time after I had got through chronicling how well I was feeling, I noticed a letter in the mail box. The letter was from my surgeon to my endocrinologist, CCd to me, and included my pathology results. Radioactive ...