Moving from Scrivener to Google Docs for Thesis Writing

Moving from Scrivener to Google Docs for Thesis Writing
Tweet I’ve largely been using the very excellent Scrivener for my PhD thesis writing over the last few years. It’s a tool that makes a lot of sense for many types of workflows, including mine up until this point. Tweet

It’s Not You, It’s Me(dium)

Tweet What happened, Medium? You changed. I don’t think we can go on like this. Medium, Your home stream is full of urgent whispers let out into a world that doesn’t want to hear them. A million voices crying out at once. Asking, wondering, ‘what happened?’. Experimenting with it and playing around, filling the stream with ...

If words are written on a page and no one reads them, do they really matter?

Tweet We tend to put a lot of stock into numbers, even those of us who don’t like them very much. Numbers make life seem graspable, comparable, measurable and observable. Trees in the forest (‘The complexity of life’ by Flickr/tomsaint) Amongst the numbers that matter most are those preceded by currency signs, especially in this ...