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Why Undergraduate Degrees are More Like Buying a Car than a House

There is a clear pattern of thinking about the value of higher education in purely economic terms. Questions about how much graduates earn dominate mass media discussion of the industry (1, 2, 3) while university marketers talk almost endlessly about employability (4, 5, 6). Meanwhile, academics themselves squabble about higher purposes. The mismatch in this […]


Academic Blergh

I’ve decided to set up a new academic blog for me to ruminate on the big questions I grapple with in my studies and, in the future, my work. I chose the title ‘Blergh’ from one of my favourite TV shows, 30 Rock. For a blog that will mesh my interests in academia, pop culture, […]

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NSW Youth Advisory Council

The New South Wales Youth Advisory Council (YAC) was established in 1989 under the Youth Advisory Council Act, to ensure that young people participate in the development of Government policies and programs which concern them. The Youth Advisory Council advises the NSW Government through the Minister responsible for Youth Affairs on: Issues of concern to […]