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Springfield Revealed [Revised]

I published a version of this post a couple of days ago. This one is much more detailed and refined. I wrote it up for The Drum, but it wasn’t wanted. You get it here instead 🙂 The Simpsons fan world is abuzz with the news Matt Groening has revealed the real Springfield is near […]


The Nuclear Family

In the course of reading up to ground myself in Springfield’s esteemed academic circles, I came across a work called Atomistic Politics and the Nuclear Family. The article presents a case – though it has a few holes – that The Simpsons actually presents a strong image of family. The family values are couched in […]

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Peach is in Another Castle

Do video games (and other digital media) influence society or does society influence them? Or is it a bit from Column A and a bit from Column B? There are some strong arguments that repeated exposure to violence desensitizes people and, in the case of violent video games, even spurs/trains them to commit violent acts. […]