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I’d Be Honoured

As I near the end of my undergraduate degree, I have started to consider whether to add honours to my qualification. I have been encouraged by a number of my lecturers to consider honours. I have good marks and I’m¬†interested in further, research-based qualifications in the future.

Nonetheless, at the moment, I wonder whether pursuing another year of study is the best option. I just turned 25, and I have a good job. I have business interests I want to pursue and I have a range of community service activities¬†underway as well. A year of honours in my degree consists of a 15-18,000 word thesis and a couple of coursework based classes. The coursework could jeopardise my job, while the broader time commitment means I would have to cut back on other commitments. Also, my brother is getting married toward the end of next year, just about the time my thesis would be due. As best man, I’m wondering how much time I will need to keep aside for him.

This year, I have spent a lot of time working on Grease and Rotaract while finishing off my undergrad degree and working. So, I know that I can juggle things. However, these commitments have cost me time in other areas. I would have liked more time for Rotaract and my role with the Southern Highlands Foundation requires more time than I am giving it.

If I was to do honours, my research would focus on the use of digital media by charities and non-profits. Its a topic I’m really interested in, and I think there is a lot of work still to be done in the area. I also have some significant experience in both fields, so that is a useful start.

It looks like I have some thinking to do!

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