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(365 + 1) x 2 Challenge

As 2012 dawns, I’m embarking on one of those¬†365 day challenges¬†encompassing both of the things that The Fat Tulip is all about – communication and community. But, I’m are supercharging it. 2012 is a leap year, so the challenge is actually for 366 days. And I’m doing it twice, once for each of our key focus areas.

The duel challenges are:

  • Communication: one post each day throughout 2012 highlighting one Twitter account you must follow.
  • Community: one post each day throughout 2012 showing things to do in the NSW South East.

With that set, it is time to get underway. The posts will all appear over at The Fat Tulip‘s website, but I might share or reflect on them here occasionally. Happy New Year!

(PS: If you’ve any suggestions for either list, please let me know)

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