On #HoldenAd and @WSC_Media 1

On #HoldenAd and @WSC_Media
Tweet Scene: Boardman Rd, Bowral, NSW, Australia. A quiet residential street. Enter: Holden, with location sourcing company Sach Australia, production company Exit Films, Wingecarribee Shire Council and Cato Traffic & Logistics. Tweet

It’s a Sad World 1

Tweet What a melancholic world it would be if all letters to the editor and all contributions to a debate were devoid of humour, rhetoric and, yes, even sarcasm. Sadder still if it was up to the editor of the paper to filter out all correspondence with even a hint of these attributions. Yet that ...

East Bowral, Actually 1

Tweet In light of the new push to re-name that suburb east of Bowral to something more befitting (I have heard ‘Bowral Gardens’ mentioned as a probable alternative), please see below some further suggested names for residents to consider. If the aim is to disassociate from big brother Olde Bowral, then perhaps West Roberston will ...