“Thyroid Goblins”

A visit to the endocrinologist went well today, but the word thyroglobulin caused Meghan some troubles, thus the title of this post. Like all good goblins, my thyroglobulin levels need to be kept low. Or, rather, if they spike, it would be an indication of recurrence.

To make sure the cancer stays away, they’ll be monitoring my thyroglobulin regularly. My daily thyroxine dose will also be increased to help suppress TSH, which has the potential to stimulate tumour growth.

I’m also having a PET scan and a radioiodine scan in March. To prepare for it, my TSH has to be up, so I change medication for six weeks (and go off it completely for a further ten days). I’m told that will do horrible things to my mood and energy levels, but it’s a small payoff to have heard this comment from the endo today:

You’re cured, we just need to make sure it stays that way.

Gandalf vs the Goblin King

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