Blergh Continued

Predictably, following surgery I’m feeling even more unwell than I was last week. But there are some immediate upsides too.

Aside from the pain in my neck, I have a pretty nasty cough and apparently my left vocal chord isn’t working because the laryngeal nerve was “stretched” to give room for the tumour to be removed. It should heal in a month or so. The anesthetic didn’t treat me very well and I was quite nauseous for most of yesterday until about 1am this morning, when I suddenly woke up feeling quite chipper.

The upside is I’m already breathing easier. I can lay on my back to sleep without feeling like I’m choking. And, about half an hour before the surgery, my doctor gave me the news that it appears I don’t have medullary carcinoma after all, but one of the more treatable types of thyroid cancer. They’re just not sure which one yet. I will probably need the radioactive iodine treatment, but from most accounts, that is better than chemo.

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